T H E   S O C I A L I T E ‘ S   S P E C I A L   P A C K A G E

Diptych or Triptych Portraits * and or Videography Exclusive: Invitation to Tell My Story!
+ “Call Me!” Socialite’s Business Card


 STARTING AT $10,000 **
 One Month Time Investment

Optional Add-on Services***:

 Web Site 

Portrait Recommendations:

 The Home / Boat Environmental! (concepts & special objects)
 Hollywood Glamour! (beauty & sophistication)
 Natural  (outdoor or indoor)
(classical lighting)
 Painting with Light (spiritual/magical)
 The Supermodel Experience! (women/men)

 The Dream Manifestation!
 Creme´ De La Creme´Exclusive Combo!




*     with Special Objects / Location additional fees apply.

**   Prices do NOT include: printing, prints, web publishing, advertising, frames, B/C, hard costs, suppliers costs, or digital files, etc! These costs are all additional costs and payment is required at the time the order is placed, or at the latest, at the time of billing. We do NOT subscribe to a 30-60-90 day billing allowance.

Please Note: You are purchasing the rights to ‘use’ only, under specific circumstances of their use.
Photographer retains all copyright on the images, digital files and photographs.
Prices include: Photo-shoots, Design, Copywriting, and Conceptualizing time only

*** Extra fees & time required.