T R I P T Y C H   P O R T R A I T S

“One (1) original fine art photograph divided into three sections–or three (3) original fine art photographs–displayed together.

Modern Presentation: three free-floating wrapped canvases placed side by side.

Traditional Presentation: three hinged carved panels.” * ~ Ellen E Brock




In this photo-shoot experience the end goal is a triptych and a truly magnificent historical work of art–representing you, your life, moments of time–and your message about you and your life! 

If you so desire, you may combine ‘The Trio’ triptych photo-shoots with The Environmental Photo-shoot & Experience–adding special objects and/or locations. 

This special combination of photo-shoot experiences is the crème de la crème of all SOUL PHOTOGRAPHER: THE SOUL MOMENT photographs photo-shoots & experiences!  

 Typically On-location

(Additional costs and fees are involved to combine photo-shoot experiences.)




1. One (1) photo-shoot resulting in one (1) portrait photograph or photographic painting…divided into three (3) individual wrapped canvases, and placed side-by-side on your grand living room wall!

2. One (1) photo-shoot resulting in three (3) portrait photographs or photographic paintings…divided into three (3) individual wrapped canvases–placed side-by-side on your grand living room wall!

3. Three (3) photo-shoots resulting in three (3) portrait photographs or photographic paintings…divided into three (3) individual wrapped canvases–placed side-by-side on your grand living room wall! 




Three (3) completely different wardrobe changes (with variations of colour and/or style):

1. Formal – your finest dress, suit, or tux!

2. Business Casual – no tie, no jacket–dressed up for a casual business appointment!

3. Casual – kaki’s / jeans / athletic / sailing / yoga –whatever best represents you when you are relaxing!



* Extensive additional fees apply. Although most clients prefer identical sized canvases or panels–there is no set convention–and it is completely up to you and your available wall space.


A work of art (often a panel painting) which is divided into three sections, or three carved panels.
The panels are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open.

Historically, the middle panel is the largest and is positioned between two smaller panels, however, there are triptychs of equal-sized panels.


Traditional altar-piece triptychs for churches used to have one large panel in the centre and two smaller panels on the sides (same height, different width).

Some triptychs had the smaller pieces hinged to the centre piece, and these could fold over to cover the centre piece–and had different paintings on the back!



Please contact the photographer for details.