A   N A N O S E C O N D   I N   T I M E . . .


When creating Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment™ Fine Art Photographs & Films,

there is a magical moment that occurs during a photo-shoot that I call:

The Soul Moment™ photographic shot opportunity.


Whether or not The Soul Moment™ shot:


~ 1 • remains as a digital negative,

~ 2 • is printed into a photograph, or

~ 3 • is created within a film,


The Soul Moment™ photographic shot “opportunity” is a creation recognized, by

a sensitive, professional photographer, and is typically a licensed

–Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment™ Fine Art Photographs & Films–

trained expert who is spiritual and sensitive to the core of their being.


This type of photographer is a sensitive photographer, who is an expert beyond the normal expertise of a professional photographer,

for she/he is a spiritual photographer, spontaneous, and “in the flow” during the photo-shoot–sensitive & aware to the–

Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment™ Fine Art Photographs & Films opportunity–

created inside of a nanosecond sequence of spontaneous photographic shots.




~ The photographer will be in a state of spontaneity & flow;

~ The client will feel a sensitive rapport with the photographer;

~ Synchronicity, patience & an extended length of time will exist & everyone will feel “present” and in the “Now*“.


This type of photographic shot, creating a digital (or film) negative, photograph, or film, is unique beyond measure.


~ A few grains of sand in a sandbox–or a handful at the ocean;

~ A few shots within a photo-shoot–near to the end of the photo-shoot.


The opportunity for such a shot, can be witnessed by a trained eye, and only after a lengthy period of time it will be created

–usually during the second and third hours of a photo-shoot

–or during filming after the second or third hours.


What occurs in the second and subsequent hours is the photographer and the client have gained a level of trust, familiarity, and rapport,

such that the client relaxes enough to allow the

Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment Fine Art Photographs & Films,

photographic shot opportunity…


~ to create a digital (or film) negative,

~ to produce a photograph, or film–


~ An opportunity is created…

if only for a nanosecond, inside of a lengthy photo-shoot.



For the client it is an unrecognizable, unconscious, non-self-conscious, moment

– or series of moments –

where the Soul peeks out from behind the mask of the personality.



For the photographer it is a spontaneous, exhilarating, moment of  pure magic and delight.



Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment™ Fine Art Photographs & Films may only be achieved
when the photographer and the client are in-sync.

Soul-to-Soul™ One-on-One photographic conversational photo-shoots or filming
are the most exciting photographic investments of time–
and the reason I love being a photographer!” ~ Ellen E Brock  


“Someone once told me that my photographs are sexy…I guess the Soul is sexy!” ~ Ellen E Brock






* Ellen E Brock is referring to author, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now book and concept.