A   S P E C I A L   F O R M   o f   E N V I R O N M E N T A L   P H O T O – S H O O T

Together we will create a vision manifesting experience–the resulting photograph of which is to be used as a visioning tool for you…

…to create the biggest dream you have for your new future–present.!” * ~ Ellen E Brock







Imagine visioning a new life and/or a new career for you and photographing you with special objects, maybe in a special location, and then using your resulting portrait as a vision manifesting tool to create your new life and/or new career!


 On-location / In-studio
(Includes photographing you in a special location and/or with elements of your new life/career vision.)



In this special form of portrait photography photo-shoot we will create/fake/contrive the biggest dream you have for your life!

s your consciousness comes to believe and feel your new vision for your life, you will create your new present–future, and your biggest dream for your life will take physical form.

It is an opportunity for you to expand your consciousness and to begin forming ‘concrete photographic evidence’ of your present–future.




* Extensive additional fees apply.

In the Quantum Field there is no linear time; the time-space continuum bends to make the future also the present.
The purpose of the Dream Manifestation Photo-shoot & photograph is as a visioning tool for you to use to visualize and feel the biggest dream you have for your life (future–present).



Please contact the photographer for details.




Check out this excerpt from an article written by Rick Lash on changing your self-image:


“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms, as the American poet Muriel Rukeyser writes. Our very memories are made up of stories. These stories form the core of self-image and they are deeply tied to how we think and feel about ourselves. They contain recollections of events that we have experienced, who we were with, our goals, what we achieved and the lessons we learned, and ultimately, what we believe and value. As Roger Schank, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence notes, the more we tell ourselves stories, the more our self-image is reinforced. One way to understand self-image in a work context is to think of it as the collection of stories we tell ourselves about our role. As we have seen, the biggest challenge leaders have in changing their self image is that the story they bring in to their new roles is often narrow and short. Over time, as they slowly gain experience, a more coherent self-image forms. In order for leaders to change then, they have to let go of their old stories to create new, more robust ones that are aligned with the future demands of their new role.”

For further info and the full article: