“It is my personal philosophy that we all are beautiful, naturally,
 and that

self-esteem, a smile, sleep, and healthy skin, go a long way to create beauty.” ~ Ellen E Brock



“As a photographer, I want people to accept themselves as they are, and for me, it’s important to live by that example (no dyes). 

As a graphic designer, it appeals to me to dye my hair, and add streaks.

It feels ludicrous, to me, to chase who I used to be.

Live in the now.

Be who you are. Love who you are.

Allow your wisdom to show. Celebrate you!” ~ Ellen E Brock



Dear Friends, 

If you so desire…we can arrange it all!


Dyeing your hair is a creative form of  self-expression. I dyed my hair bleach-blonde in my 20s, and cut it super short, with a long feminine bang;
it helped me to not take life so seriously, and people used to come up behind me, at art school, and get a kick out of touching my hair!

Today, I wear my hair natural and long–and I feel it represents who I truly am.

I personally struggle with the idea that grey hair is bad hair.
My Mom’s hair was a silver grey by the time she was in her late 20s–so for me, grey was always gorgeous!

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis supports this viewpoint, and after years of dyeing her hair, now proudly, youthfully, wears it grey.

If you are dyeing your hair to hide your age, you are among the masses–we are a culture living in denial, and hiding our wisdom.
Youthfulness is an energy form, and if you find your youth through dyeing your hair, and you lose your vibrancy when your hair is grey, then, by all means–dye your hair.

I’m personally flabbergast that my closest guy friends are aghast when I talk about not dyeing my hair.

I also know that most hair dyes are toxic, and I believe hair toxicity is unhealthy for us.
Hair dyes have come a long way, however, and there are some natural products that are safe, or safer–Ask your salon!


Make-up and, specifically, foundation, evens out your natural skin tones, so that your face becomes a canvas and a work of art–for the colour accents: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, lipstick.
A face without make-up is a work of art as well; natural is beautiful–too!

Recently, a friend has been encouraging me not to wear foundation, saying that my natural skin tone looks better than a foundation.
(He’s a guy…not sure yet what I think yet….)
For the most part, I’ve been blessed with healthy skin, and my complexion is clear. A concealer goes a long way!

I believe that I have control over my complexion, and that healthy eating habits, sleep, and never touching my face with the inside of my hand, create a healthy complexion.


We partner with Hair Salons & Make-up Artists if you desire to create a new beautiful you–or the best version of yourself for your photo-shoot!



Warm Regards,

Ellen E Brock




* GREY HAIR • contemporary views:


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****As a designer… it appeals to me to have highlighted streaks in my hair, but as a photographer, I want people to love who they are… ~ Ellen E Brock, Photographer/Designer