F E E S / S E R V I C E S / L E G A L I T I E S

“A service or product pre-paid is freeing & respectful. One decision-maker. Signature required at each stage. Retainers paid in advance of next stage. Delivery upon receipt of payment. Thank you.” ***
~ Ellen E Brock



Starting from $1000.



Minimum notice of 3 business days is required to make changes to your appointment day, your payment will then be applied to your rescheduled appointment. Cancellation with less than 3 business days notice: $300 will be withheld as a studio rental charge; it is neither refundable nor transferable. Time rescheduling on the same day as your appointment, IF your time slot can be filled by someone else, will be accommodated.




Photography Services are billed out on a project basis, requiring a retainer be paid on-line in advance, for services booked.



Design & Copywriting Services are billed out on an hourly basis, and require that a retainer be paid on-line in advance, for services and work in progress, at various stages and increments.


HARD COSTS** (Outsourcing):

Hard costs, such as: prints, printing, scans, miscellaneous, will be billed at time of incurred cost, and are to be paid by client on-line upon billing.



Delivery of all products (photographs, films, videos, graphic design, art, etc.) will occur only after payment is received by Ellen E. Brock, of Soul Photographer™ The Soul Moment™ Photojournalistic Fine Art Photographs & Films. No exceptions. Please keep your retainers & payments up to date to avoid disappointment. Thank you.





*      All services will be paid in advance of service, or in advance of the next stage of the service.

**    At no time does the 30-60-90 rule apply for hard costs, ever. Please pay on-line upon agreement to purchase, or at the latest, upon billing, and/or receipt of bill by you or anyone acting on your behalf, including verbal agreements.

      At no time does a 30-60-90 day rule apply for any product or service. All services or products must be paid prior to service for work starting and/or in-progress. Use of our services, and use of this web site, implies agreement with our terms of use and terms of payment. Please do not expect to start a service, or order a product (Eg. “Finishing Touches” such as ordering of photographs, paintings, prints, framing, murals, fine art books, portrait boxes, etc.) without paying in advance of the service and/or product purchase. 


***   The client, as the final decision maker, is responsible for acquiring signatures from any and all departments involved in the decision (commonly known as, “The Stakeholders”), providing signatures (at each stage) to show that everyone involved in making the design decision approves the design being made, in each stage. Failure to do so, will require extra fees to be applied, and a lengthier time-line.


        The client (final decision maker) must sign-off prior to the designer moving onto the next stage, and must provide payment on-line for each stage completed by the designer, creating the cleanest and most succinct process for client & designer, saving both time & money.


        It’s more efficient to give one person the authority to make the decisions; decision by committee causes lengthy, unnecessary delays, and because opinions are always diverse and varied, and there never is only one ‘correct design solution,’ at some point, one person has to have absolute authority over the final decision.

***** More revisions than two will cost additional fees.

T H A N K   Y O U ! ! !

“It’s great to gather opinions and feedback, but then the decision needs to be made by only one person…because my Mother said so!” ~ Ellen E Brock


“There needs to be only one decision-maker!” ~ Kaye Brock



After my Mom, Kaye Brock, observed my design projects being delayed at length, due to client and company indecision, and differences of opinion–and in one case, hearing about a manager who went against the boss’ opinion, saying, “I know what we really need,” the boss nixed the result, and I had to start designing the brochure over–from scratch. FYI: As a designer, I preferred the manager’s vision and opinion, and thought the boss’ solution was weak, but because the boss wrote the cheques, my opinion, and the manager’s opinion, were, in the final analysis, irrelevant. These situations are the reason I am adamant about clients signing off with signatures, and I seek to work with clients who have a similar vision and sensibility to my own. It just makes it easier for everyone!

(Kaye Brock was used to working by committee with multiple decision makers. Kaye was Superintendent of a church girl’s group (CGIT) for much of the 25 years that she volunteered as a leader. Kaye also began a brain injury organization (called BIRC), and chaired the Board of the Society (BIRS) which ran the organization). BIRC is a group for the graduates of ARBI (an organization that had its early roots in our United Church (of Canada) basement). In her final year of life, as though it were her final destiny to contribute further (though she owed the world nothing), Kaye endured 2 brain injuries, and attended ARBI herself…. I would truly love to make a movie about her contributions to brain injury rehabilitation & research, ARBI, BIRC, and BIRS. She deserves to have her story told, and the world deserves the privilege of learning from her death. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. It’s time to pass the lessons on in a heart-warming, full-feature, cinematic film.)

Anyone interested in bringing Kaye’s story to life, and my dream of making her movie a reality (working title: K! Movie), please contact me. Only time and resources will bring this dream and incredible story to fruition. Let’s make it happen!


Please contact the photographer for details.