T H E   S O U L   M O M E N T ™   P H O T O G R A P H S

A nanosecond of time…glances between glances;
natural expressions wherein you are completely yourself at a soul-level,
and as near as is possible…personality-less
 ~ Ellen E Brock




Photographs of your soul essence require an investment of time–for both photographer & client.

During a photo-shoot, if the photographer is sensitive enough, and aware enough, and patiently looks deeply into your being
the photographer will witness The Soul Moment™ photograph opportunity, or opportunities–
wherein your Soul is being photographed, not just your exterior personality.


The photographs are nanoseconds of time, and often will be missed and not recognized, by most photographers–
photographers who aren’t looking 
WITHIN you, but only looking AT you. 


It’s the difference between wearing a coat, and becoming the coat…

The former is a superficial exterior expression of the personality, and does not seek to look within the person with depth.
Many people, and most photographers, may not yet understand the difference!



A new, spiritual form of photography:

Photography in the Quantum Field” 

based on my unique experiences behind my camera.”

~ Ellen E Brock