P H O T O G R A P H S   I N T O   P A I N T I N G S

Soul Photographer™: The Soul Moment™ Photographs*  is a fine art photography boutique
creating art in gallery sizes for your residence or business.” ~ Ellen E Brock 

To complete your Soul Photographer™: The Soul Moment™ photographs fine art photography experience
you may have your photographs printed on one or more of the following surfaces as photographs or paintings–and historical works of art!




~ Fine Art Print(s) Photo Paper

~ Backlit Print(s) Fujitrans Laser Light Jet CSI Print



~ Photographic Prints on Canvas

~ Acrylic Paintings of Photographs on Canvas

~ Metal Paintings

~ Etchings of Photographs:

~ Glass Etchings

~ Wood Etchings

~ Metal Etchings

~ Mirror Etchings



You may have your portraits printed in most of the following sizes:

• 16 x 20
• 20 x 24
• 20 x 30
• 24 x 30
• 24 x 36
• 30 x 40
• 30 x 50
• Mural Sizes **
• Life-sized **



* All portraits will be signed by the photographer.

** If you wish to have a full-length life-sized portrait, please advise the photographer at the time of booking your photo-shoot.additional fees & expenses apply to various sizes and art mediums.

Please contact the photographer!